A short survey about the roads around Hope University.

You may have heard,or read, that Hope University is suggesting that part of Taggart Avenue is closed off so that there is more of a campus feel to the University (at the moment there are sites divided by the road). The idea is that it would be closed off at Woolton Road.

We have our own thoughts about this but think it's important that the Council does nothing before consulting local people.

This proposal could have major implications for traffic flow in the area and so far YOU have not been consulted.

As your local Lib Dem representatives and campaigners, we are therefore consulting people ourselves rather than risk the Council not bothering to think about local people.

* 1. Based on what you know so far are you in favour or against the proposal?

* 2. Do you think there should be a full consultation before any scheme goes ahead?

* 3. Would you be prepared to wait for a consultation until after a trial period?

* 4. We would like to keep you informed. Please let us have your contact details, even if you think we have them. Please give your name and address in the box below.

* 5. Please let us have your phone number and e mail address (even if you think we already have them) in the box below.