1. San Diego County Office of Emergency Services - Assisted Evacuation Centers Survey

This survey is to be completed by Adult Day Health Centers and City-Operated Senior facilities, as well as select non-profit organizations considered for use as an assisted evacuation center.

If you have questions on this survey, please e-mail Michael.Walter@sdcounty.ca.gov or call (858) 715-2275

* 2. Please provide us with a contact name, email address and phone number for your organization.

* 3. Does your facility have a kitchen?

* 4. Is your facility ADA Accessible?

* 6. Does your facility have an area of covered open space (auditorium, gymnasium, multipurpose room)?

* 7. Is this facility operated out of a private home?

* 8. Does this facility have, or is it located adjacent to athletic fields or a large parking lot?

* 9. Does this facility operate with any durable medical equipment? (Wheelchairs, Hoyer Lifts, Walkers?)

* 10. Please tell us anything else you think we should know about your facility