Title 1 PARENT Survey

Thank you for your time to provide us with your  feedback as a parent with regards to our Title I School Wide Plan for the 2019-2020 school year.

If you have any questions, please call, Dr. Kelly Muic (Elementary School Principal and Federal Programs Coordinator) at 724-736-9507.

Question Title

* 1. School wide schools have the opportunity to incorporate the concept of "well-rounded" education which can mean a variety of courses, activities, and programming in specific subjects to provide all students to access an enriched curriculum and educational experience. Please select the educational programs and/or educational concepts you would like supplemented to the academic core curriculum. If the concept/program is already in place, please select if you would like to see additional opportunities offered to students in that concept/program. Please select as many as you like.

Question Title

* 2. What programs or services do you feel could be improved or implemented (if not in existence) to benefit the needs of students? Select as many as you like.