* 1. HI! Welcome to the BCB Fantasy Baseball Survey. Did you know that you are pretty awesome?

* 2. So, hey, what's your SBNation username?

* 3. OK, first off. We are going to do this H2H style. BUT, do we want to do it like last year, where it was more of a fantasy football style with certain point values assigned to HR, K, Wins, Singles, Doubles, Saves, Innings, etc. OR do you want to do it H2H each category?

  Very Strongly Prefer like last year Prefer like last year Sort of prefer like last year No opinion Sort of prefer each category Prefer each category Strongly prefer each category

* 4. Cool, cool. So, if we do end up doing each category, should wins be changed to quality starts, instead?

* 5. if we do end up doing each category, do you prefer standard 5x5 (possibly with wins changed to QS) roto categories, or do you want to add a 6th stat to each?

* 6. If we do each category and do a sixth stat for both offense and defense, what two stats would you add? (One for offense, and one for pitching please) (Don't answer OPS because that would overvalue homeruns)

* 7. What days of the week generally work best for you as far as drafting goes? (Can check more than one answer)

* 8. We are probably going to have four leagues, and Mr Leam isn't commishing this year, which means I'll need at least two new commissioners. I'm not entirely worried about whether you do a writeup every week or anything (those are large shoes to fill) though it would be a plus as people seem to like them. Would you be interested in being a commissioner?

* 9. If you are interested in being a commissioner, tell me why you think you would be better than the other people who show interest. (Hyatt need not apply)

* 10. Thanks for taking the survey. Do you think you are going to win this year?