WHPA Member Benefits 5 Question Survey - Anonymous Responses Due by October 12, 2018

We deeply appreciate your investment and contributions in helping to make the Western HVAC Performance Alliance Inc. (WHPA) the organization it has become today. As previously communicated, WHPA is now a California Public Benefit Nonprofit Corporation that operates as a [501(c)3 status pending] public charity, drawing funds from a broad base of income sources to pay for our stakeholder engagement, research/ work product development, and education promotion. As a neutral voice for the HVACR industry, this allows WHPA to be better focused than ever on ALL marketplace stakeholders.

Consistent with WHPA’s historical intents to be an organization that will serve as a credible, reliable, significant, and effective resource for a broad-based community of HVACR stakeholders who have joined forces to inform and transform the marketplace focused on the energy efficiency, environmental quality, and sustainability goals of California, for 2018+, the governing Board of Directors established WHPA goals and strategies focused on 8 target areas as specified below. The presented list does not reflect order of importance as survey input as well as HVACR landscape changes are factored into the prioritization process and development of measurable, realistic, and timely work product development goals and implementation plans for strategy achievement each year. Those outcomes serve to educate the public at large.

·         HVACR Community Engagement
Goal: Strengthen community relationships among member organizations and other stakeholders to increase knowledge, effectiveness and capacity for collective HVACR action.

·         Energy Efficiency (EE) & Demand Response (DR)
Goal: Advance energy efficiency and demand response objectives and accomplishments in the state of CA, with a focus on environmental quality to transform the market.

·         Consumer Outreach
Goal: Increase opportunities for consumers, both individually and in organizations to process and organize information to help meet their HVACR needs.

·         Emerging Technology
Goal: Envision tools and technologies that would help transform the HVACR market and seek their development in both public and private research laboratories.

·         HVACR Industry
Goal: Collaborate across organizations to identify best practices for HVACR technologies and foster sharing of industry knowledge and opportunities.

·         Public Policy
Goal: Increase the capacity of WHPA to educate on and impact EE and DR policy changes with key regulatory bodies.

·         Workforce Education & Training
Goal: Investigate, inform, and drive workforce education and training opportunities across the HVAC industry lifecycle.

·         Codes and Standards
Goal: Work collaboratively with industry stakeholders and regulators to inform and influence adoption of proposed codes and standards changes relating to the HVACR industry.

To ensure that WHPA continues to meet the needs of our members as we work collaboratively as a united HVACR industry to impact the present and future, your insights and perspectives are truly valued. Your participation and thoughtful feedback by October 12th through the following 5 questions expected to take 5-7 min for completion is appreciated. Your anonymous responses will help our future planning.

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* 1. From what stakeholder perspective are you speaking? (Select one option matching your primary perspective.)

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* 2. WHPA started as a way to bring people together to cultivate relationships across the HVACR marketplace to effect change and market transformation in support of California’s energy efficiency goals. In your own words, please tell us what this experience has meant for you and your organization in the following comment box?

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* 3. WHPA offers a variety of activities to meet our goals and ensure member time contributed to those efforts cultivates stakeholder engagement and yields meaningful outcomes. Please check all of value to you from the following options.

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* 4. To ensure that members have access to the right information at the right time, WHPA offers the following resources. Please check all of interest to you from the following options.

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* 5. If there are any other insights, suggestions, considerations, perspectives and/or comments you wish the WHPA Board of Directors and WHPA Staff to know, please share them in the following comment box.