* 1. What's your name?

* 2. What aspects of LATCH Collective do you find most appealing?

* 3. What else would you want LATCH to offer?

* 4. Are you interested in the Builder Membership? If so, when are you interested in starting your build - in a few months? In a year? As soon as possible? Feel free to explain your situation. 

* 5. Is a covered, enclosed warehouse necessary or would secured, fenced land be sufficient?

* 6. We could use sponsorship, community help, grant, and other support! For example, donation of tools, building supplies or materials; space for fundraisers; sponsorship in return for advertising on LATCH website; help spreading the word about our services to other organization's clientele or through their website; skilled people willing to teach educational workshops at our space…etc.

* 7. Are you able to be involved in building LATCH and promoting fundraising opportunities (like our Design Share or LA2050)? If so, in what ways?

* 8. Keep sharing?