The AWRI Ferment Simulator is a new tool available from the AWRI website that allows winemakers to monitor and predict the performance of their ferments. Extensively trialled over the past three vintages, the Simulator is now freely available to Australian levy payers.

You are invited to complete a five minute survey which will help tailor extension services to support industry uptake of this practical and highly functional tool.

This survey is aimed at all winemakers, including those that have used the Ferment Simulator and those that have not heard of it before.


The AWRI Ferment Simulator can predict a fermentation trajectory and duration based on as few as five data points. It will raise an alert if a ferment is heading off track, and multiple ferments can be monitored via a ‘traffic light’ display.

Fermentation management strategies can also be modelled in advance to assess their impact, using the Simulator’s ‘What if?’ function. Temperature adjustments, tank agitation or additions of nutrients can all be assessed in this way.

The tool also allows for the tracking of winery refrigeration load, allowing refrigeration demand to be predicted for hot weather in order to minimise electricity use during peak tariff periods.

Need assistance?

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