WCP Leak Remediation Project Options Survey

As the Board and Construction Manger fine tune the the project, it will help us to know the answers to the questions below. PLEASE respond asap. Thank you!

* 1. Plan choice.

Which of the plans for the downstairs (wood) doors and windows will you choose? As specified in the documents distributed by email, the new windows and doors are double-pane, low-e, in paintable fiberglass frames. The cost for either package is the same, $16,375.
(NOTE: in both packages, all currently operable doors will remain operable doors--there was discussion of doing away with them, but the Board decided--sagely we hope--to keep all options as close to what we already have as possible.)

You can enter any comments or questions you have in the box below.
Please give us your most likely choice.

* 2. I would participate in a forum of owners discussing the pros and cons of these options.|
(You can check multiple options.)

* 3. Which Juliet door (from master bedroom into courtyard) option will you choose?

* 4. Are you interested in replacing some or all of your metal windows before the project begins? (These canNOT be replaced DURING project construction. Replacing them before will both allow the new surface coat to be applied over the necessary stucco work, saving you money, and it will save the project money since your current windows will not need to be repaired.)
New windows can improve sound and heat insulation as well as improve leak resistance if properly flashed.
Costs for this work are beyond the $16,375 package and will be borne solely by the owner, who must apply to the ARB for possible credit as a capital improvement.
Multiple answers possible.

* 5. Information regarding financing. The Board is still negotiating details of the low-cost UC individual loans. It would be helpful for us to know how many people may take advantage of this option.
If you have information about a competitive offer from a bank, you could let us know in the comment box.

* 6. Just for fun: The project will proceed from cluster to cluster in an assembly-line fashion. We have not yet determined the order. We anticipate beginning with the first cluster in October and finishing about 12-18 months later, including termite treatment.
The answers to this question might be helpful in determining where to start. You'll probably want to think this over and discuss it with neighbors, but please just give us a gut reaction--don't delay submitting the survey! (Perhaps we can do some discussing on the Community email list.)