* 1. What is your sector?

* 2. What intranet sites do you currently use to obtain information?

* 3. Which intranet site do you find most useful?

* 4. Please select the monthly newsletters your receive and read via email?

* 5. Which newsletter do you find has the most relevant information for you?

* 6. Which topics would you like to see on intranets and in newsletters?

* 7. Please provide your feedback on the Philips HR Portal (pww-portal.philips.com>My HR)

* 8. Please provide your feedback on the employee announcements that come from "HR Shared Services NA"?

* 9. Would you be willing to be a 'content ambassador' for Philips? This would involve contacting you periodically to share any great news, stories, or employee experiences within your business area in order to increase the value of the Philips brand messaging and internal communications entities.

* 10. What ways would you like to receive information? Please choose all that apply

* 11. Which program(s) would you like to receive more information about? (Please choose all that apply)

* 12. Please provide any suggestions on how we might improve our communications to you.

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