Survey Introduction

Welcome to AMBA's Efficiencies in Machine Programming survey!

Deciding how to most efficiently program the jobs in your shop can be challenging for any mold builder. Relying on an inefficient strategy, whether it's due to a skills gap in your workforce, inadequate technology or other factors, can cost a mold builder significant time, energy and money. 

AMBA's newest survey, Efficiencies in Machine Programming, will benchmark how shops tackle programming efficiency in their shops. Data gathered will include:

-workforce representation (including total employees vs. CNC -programmers and setup operators)
-preferred programming software
-shop floor programming vs. offline programming
-challenges that prevent further efficiency in the shop
-recent investments in technologies and/or machines to improve efficiency

All companies who complete the survey will get a free copy of the report. All personal company information will be removed before the final compilation of the report is published. This survey will close Friday, August 16, 2019. 
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