Very brief coaching skills for very busy professionals in healthcare

Presented by: Haesun Moon

“I know coaching is good, but I don’t have time for that.” is one of the most common comments I get from the very busy professionals in healthcare. The myth that coaching takes time meets the reality of limited time in the daily clinic schedule, and very busy professionals often hesitate to coach instead of telling. What if it doesn’t need to take longer to be able to coach? In fact, what if it takes shorter to get to the same outcome?

In this one-day experiential workshop, very busy occupational therapists and other health professionals will learn foundational knowledge and skills of evidence-based brief coaching that they can take into their everyday interactions with clients and colleagues. Demonstrations, group discussions, and hands-on practice will be utilized to help participants recognize, challenge and integrate more effective mindset, language, and gestures.

The CAOT Member early bird price is typically $200-275 for this one-day workshop.
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