October 24, 2022
Dear GEH Forum Participants,
Please find attached a survey/request for comments that will be used to support the agenda of our fourth Gas-Electric Forum meeting on November 8, 2022. To participate in this process and submit a survey, please complete it online through the following hyperlink: https://www.naesb.org/pdf4/geh110822w1.docx.  It is not necessary to submit a survey in order to participate in the meeting on November 8th; however, the responses provided may be utilized to shape the final agenda for the meeting and guide our discussions.   
A Microsoft Word version of the survey/request for comments is attached.
·        To complete the survey online, simply follow the instructions as you move from page to page.  Through the platform, your answers will be saved as you take the survey online, and you may leave and return to the survey when convenient for you.  You may also re-enter the survey and modify your responses prior to the cutoff date of on November 1, 2022.
·        If you prefer not to take the online version of the survey and would rather complete a Microsoft Word document version, you may do so by completing the attached and emailing it to the NAESB office (naesb@naesb.org) by November 1, 2022.   
·        As a submitter, you should identify with a NAESB Quadrant and Segment, or as an observer, when forwarding your responses and comments.  A description of the NAESB Quadrant and Segments can be found through the following hyperlink:
The announcement and agenda for the November 8, 2022 meeting has been distributed.  All survey responses will be compiled and made publicly available as a work paper for the meeting, and those who submit written comments in response to this survey will receive priority in the discussions during the meeting.
Again, all responses are requested by the close of business on November 1, 2022.  Thank you for your time and for your commitment to the GEH Forum –