The Spectrum of Hearing Screening

Speech language pathologists are involved in speech, language and cognitive evaluations.  This survey investigates if, how and why hearing is screened in speech settings.  Survey results will be revealed at an upcoming ASHA presentation: Audiology in SNFs: A guide for audiology and speech therapy service coordination.

* 1. Check your primary employment setting

* 2. Population served:

* 3. Does your work setting employ an audiologist?

* 4. Does your work setting offer audiology services?

* 5. Check all methods of hearing screening used: 

* 6. If you screen hearing, check all reasons that will cause you to screen hearing:

* 7. If you do not screen hearing, the reasons are:

* 8. If you do not screen hearing or refer for hearing testing, please check any reasons below:

* 9. In the case of a failed hearing screening, what is your next step?