The Speakers Bureau will connect Human Resource and Workforce professionals to St. Tammany high school juniors and seniors in the 2016-2017 academic year.  Schools, teachers, and counselors will be able to request a topic they would like to have presented in a session (typically 20, 45 or 90 minutes) to their group of students.  

You do not have to be a professional presenter.  We will provide some basic talking points for each of the topics to assist any session presenter.  The purpose of these talking points is to provide some guidance for speakers on each topic.  Students are best engaged when they learn about real life experiences.  We would ask you to bring your own experience to any session. 

This survey will let us know what topics you might have the most interest and assist in making great matches.  

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* Let us know what topic(s) you would be most interested in presenting or would consider presenting?

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Acing the Interview
Mock Interview Workshop (small group)
Self Management, the Soft Skills
Resume Writing and Applications
How to Ace that New Job
Your rights in the workplace
Social Media Reputation
Effective Communication

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Matching potential speakers to sessions will be coordinated mostly online using Sign-up Genius.  If you express interest in being a speaker, you will receive an invite to sign in to Sign-Up Genius so that you can see all sessions that are available.  You would also receive notice if a request is received for a session you expressed interest in presenting.  If you are interested and available to present the session, you can then "accept the presentation assignment"