* 1. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to meal planning?

* 2. How much time do you have to spend meal planning per week? (This includes deciding what meals to make and writing up a grocery list, but not grocery shopping.)

* 3. How many nights a week do you cook dinner for yourself and/or your family?

* 4. How many nights a week do you want to cook dinner for your family?

* 5. If your answers to questions 3 and 4 were different, what prevents you from spending more or less time than you would like cooking each week?

* 6. Do you do any "prep ahead" meal planning on the weekends for the upcoming week? If so, please describe:

* 7. Would you participate in a meal planning consultation service for a small fee to help get you and/or your family on track with simple, delicious, weekly meal plans? Why or why not?

* 8. If you answered yes to question 7, what would be your ideal services offered in a meal planning consultation session?

* 9. Any other thoughts about meal planning?

* 10. If you would like to enter our drawing for $5 Amazon Gift Card, please enter your email address here:

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