Dear All,

A big thank you for actively participating in our Cultural Agora including Beyond the Obvious "Belonging and Becoming" in Rome.
We hope you enjoyed the gathering and had a productive & interesting time together.
We would be very grateful if you take 5 Minutes of your precious time and share your impressions about the conference with us in order to help us designing an even better experience for you for next BtO. Thank you!
The data collected via this survey is anonymous.

* 1. Please specify the main reason for attending this conference:

* 2. Did the conference fulfill your reason for attending?

* 3. Was the content able to move your thinking on discussed topics beyond the obvious and provide you with new or unusual perspectives to deal with the future?

* 4. Were the session formats in line with and supportive of the content?

* 5. Do you feel you had the possibility to express your opinions?

* 6. Were you satisfied with the level of interaction between you and others during the BtO?

* 7. Do you plan to initiate cooperation with participants you met during the conference?

* 8. Everybody takes their own inspiration home after such exchanges. What were the thoughts, ideas and/or speakers that inspired/struck you or provided a new outlook?

* 9. Do you have any suggestions (in terms of content, formats, people...) to help us develop our conferences to match your needs and interests?

* 10. What was the most beneficial aspect of the conference?

* 11. What was the least beneficial aspect of the conference? Please specify

* 12. This is the space to share your overall impressions/feelings about the conference. Please note, that we might quote these in our external communication.
This is an anonymous survey. Should you wish your name to appear next to the quote, please indicate your name, position and organisation in this box.

* 13. How would you rank the conference on a 5-point scale (1 being worst and 5 being best)?

* 14. Would you recommend this conference to others?

* 15. For Culture Action Europe members: Were you satisfied with the Annual General Meeting? Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for your time. Your feedback is essential to design our next Beyond the Obvious conference. 

Culture Action Europe