Application Overview

You can apply for both awards simultaneously, but please take note of the slightly different application and selection criteria.

SIOP Scholarships
For each annual meeting, SIOP provides scholarships to people who have insufficient resources to participate and to travel to the meeting - kindly view eligibility & benefits here

Young Investigator Award
These awards are designed to give Young Investigators, working in the field of paediatric oncology, the opportunity to present their original research at the SIOP Annual Meeting - kindly view eligibility & benefits here

Please prepare the following information before you begin your application:
• Proof of age (copy of passport or ID) (file size limited to 1MB, PDF or jpeg only)
• Letter of department head (file size limited to 1MB, PDF only) Download template here
• Abstract information: Abstract title, Abstract number, Abstract topic

* 1. Would you like to apply to

* 2. Personal Details

* 3. Are you a SIOP member?

* 4. Have you received any of these SIOP grants, prizes or awards in the past? 

* 5. Abstract information (please note that you can only apply with 1 abstract; please chose your best one)