1. HITS :-)

This section is products, services that we have predicted will be a HIT

Question Title

* 1. This is the set of HITS predicted for 2009 on the brandgym blog. Your turn to agree (you also think its a hit) or disagree

  Agree: a HIT for 09 Disagree: a MISS for 09
1. Starbucks' post-Shultz revenues back in growth
2. Apple's iPhone is a leading smartphone, sales up
3. Coke's Vitamin Water beats Pepsico's V Water
4. Proctoid Paul Poleman, CEO, helps boost Unilever share price
5. Terminal 5 at London's Heathrow Airport is a success
6. Jordans cereals re-launch works with sales up
7. McDonald's make-over continues to produce growth

Question Title

* 2. And now the MISSES. Do you agree these will flop? Or disagree and think they will be a success?

  Agree, this is a MISS Disagree, this will be a HIT
1. Kellogg's Vitabu fruit snacks will flop
2. Orange's demise will continue, with the brand failing to return to growth
3. Gatorade will not dent Lucozade's share of the UK sports drink market: share less than 15%
4. innocent veg pots will not make a pot of money:will be in limited distribution, and on their way out
5. The nonsensical re-naming of Pizza Hut to Pasta Hut will be reversed
6. Stella Artois' UK sales will be flat, but fragmented over 3 products
7. Heinz Farmers Market Chilled soup will be a dwarf on its last legs, or de-listed