Your work is important to us! NTEN is shifting our membership to focus even more on the people that are doing the important work to move missions forward and meet community needs.

We want to ensure that we are as informed as possible when it comes to the crucial work that you do within your organization and within your communities. This Community Survey will help us shape, guide, and focus our membership benefits, our programs, and our content on the thousands of individuals that make up the NTEN community.

Your responses will only be shared anonymously and in aggregate and we anticipate reporting back to the community in the fall with results from this survey.
The Community Survey is 14 questions and should take about 15-20 minutes to complete. At the end, you have the option to opt-in for a giveaway for three (3) $100 Visa Gift Cards that we will select at random from the respondents. Thank you so much for your time and feedback!

Question Title

* 2. What are the main reason(s) you are part of NTEN?

Question Title

* 3. How would you rate your experience with NTEN? (scale 1-7 with 1 as less true and 7 as more true)

  1 - Less True 2 3 4 5 6 7 - More True
I like the range of benefits NTEN provides for members.

I like the quality of benefits NTEN provides for members.
I like the opportunities to share my knowledge/experience.
I like the accessibility of the NTEN community and resources.
I like the timeliness of the information and resources from NTEN.
I like the relevance of the information and resources from the NTEN.
I would recommend NTEN membership to a colleague or friend.

Question Title

* 4. NTEN envisions a more just and engaged world where all nonprofits use technology skillfully and confidently to meet community needs and fulfill their missions. Are there goals you have for us that you want to share?