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Graspr is a high-quality instructional video network. We believe that learning is an inherently social process. Our mission is to make the world a smarter place by bringing together people who possess different kinds of expertise, and helping them share what they know with others. We aim to make knowledge more affordable, more accessible, and to accelerate learning for all.

We're passionate about building a platform of tools and content to help homeschool educators augment their current curriculum and lesson plans in the following ways:

1. Incorporate and/or remix educational video content from Graspr and/or other reputable educational service providers to supplement lesson plans and integrate it into their lesson plans

2. Create their own video lessons using Graspr's tools and make it available as a resource on Graspr's instructional video network.

3. Engage their students to make creative video projects for school assignments

We need your input in order to better understand how we can help educators use, create and distribute compelling instructional videos for the benefit of our children's learning.

This survey should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. Thank you for your help!

Do you currently use video content in your curriculum?