Stakeholder Feedback

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is currently working towards modernizing its regulatory operations in order to help reduce the administrative burden on applicants and businesses. Notably, the AGCO is undertaking a new initiative, which will introduce a range of online service delivery capabilities for licensees, and registrants. Online service delivery is part of the AGCO’s commitment to be a modern regulator. It provides a higher standard of service for AGCO customers by offering a convenient, digital way of doing business with the AGCO. 

Starting in late fall 2017, applicants will be able to apply for a Liquor Sales Licence, Ferment on Premise Licence, Liquor Delivery Service Licence, Licence to Represent a Manufacturer, Authorization to Sell Beer and Wine in a Grocery Store, and an Authorization to Sell Beer and Cider in a Grocery Store online, through the iAGCO portal that will be available on the AGCO’s Web site

This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to offer feedback on your willingness to use the online system, as well as on licencing renewal periods.

* 1. As online services become available through the iAGCO portal, those who are regulated by the AGCO will be able to apply for and manage their licences, registrations and permits online. Online capabilities of iAGCO also include creating and activating a new user account, linking existing history to a new account, resetting a password, uploading documents, paying for a licence/permit and printing a licence/permit. How willing are you to use iAGCO to apply for and manage licences, registrations and permits online?

* 2. A self-service terminal is a PC computer located at an AGCO office for licensees and registrants to use should they not be equipped to access iAGCO services themselves. Would you use a self-service terminal located at the AGCO head office or at regional offices?

* 3. What is your preferred renewal period for your licence or registration? Please be aware that fees associated with renewals must be paid in whole at the time of the renewal. (Example: Yearly renewal fee = $1575.00. To renew once a year $1575.00 is due at time of renewal. To renew once every 2 years $3150.00 is due at time of renewal. To renew once every 4 years $6300.00 is due at time of renewal.)

* 4. Which online service would you be applying for?

* 5. Would you like to participate in future activities related to the launch of the iAGCO online services? This includes the opportunity to test the system and application process in our testing environment and provide feedback on user experience, navigation, and ease of use.