Feedback Survey 2017

The Kitimat CDC would like to understand and measure the experiences parents who have a child or youth receiving services. We have been doing this survey for five years now and your input is extremely valuable for us to know what is working well and where we can improve.
We have modified the survey this year.  The survey is based on the CanChild McMaster University survey - the MPOC.
Individual survey results are kept confidential.  The results are summarized into a report for our annual outcome reports and used for developing services and business work plans for coming year. 
Please note that the "not applicable"  option is available if the situation described does not apply to you.
The term "people" refers to those individuals who work directly with your child.  These may include our therapists, infant development, building blocks, supported child development, youth workers etc.

* 1. How did you find out about our programs and services?

* 2. Did you have any challenges in accessing services?

* 3. How would you rate the effectiveness of the Kitimat CDC in the following areas?

  Needs improvement Satisfactory Good Excellent N/A
A welcoming Centre
Family friendly
Accessible facility
After service follow up.

* 4. Were choices of services fully explained to you?

* 5. How well do Kitimat CDC staff and services support your child and family in the following areas?

  Needs improvement Satisfactory Good Excellent N/A
Assessing  your child's needs.
Establishing a relationship with your child and family
Listening and understanding your child/family needs.
Assisting you to plan goals of service
Developing your child's individual service plan.
Respecting and valuing you as part of the team.
Empowering you to help your child.
Scheduling meetings to fit your needs.
Responding to emotional needs.
Providing clear roles of team members
Understanding and meeting cultural needs.

* 6.

Do you feel that Kitimat CDC staff who worked with your child/family  worked together as a team? In other words, do you feel the team is planning together so they all are working in the same direction ?

* 7. Was the information you were given consistent between staff members?

* 8. How satisfied are you that you have been a "partner" with the staff in addressing your needs or your child's needs?

* 9. To what level did the staff you worked with look at the  needs of the "whole"child and their family? (e.g.physical, emotional, social needs).

* 10. Do you know who is your service coordinator?

* 11. Did you participate in the development of your child's service plan?

* 12. If you have a concern are you aware of our complaint  policy and procedure? 

* 13. If you shared a concern/complaint did you feel supported by staff to help you resolve the concern/complaint to your satisfaction.

* 14. How would you describe the efforts of the Kitimat CDC in promoting and advocating for services?

* 15. How would you rate the Kitimat CDC and our services in being inclusive?

* 16. Did the services at the Kitimat CDC help you link or meet with other parents?

* 17. Do you think the services provided by the Kitimat CDC meets or met the needs of your child and family and contributed to your child's overall development?

* 18. Are you happy with the service you received or are currently receiving ?

* 19. Would you recommend Kitimat CDC services to your family and friends?

* 20. What could we do better?

* 21. When completing this questionnaire did you have any other information you would like to share with us?