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We would like your feedback to help further develop our grants programs as well as assess the effectiveness of our current funding, program structure, administration and adjudication process. 

We welcome your thoughts and opinions about PROJECT and SUPPORT grants programs to help us better support individuals and organizations in accessing and utilizing our programs. 

There will be room for written comments at the end of the survey.

PROJECT Grants have been offered on an annual basis since 2011. Funding ranges between $300 and $3000 and is awarded by the Cariboo Regional District and City of Williams Lake by recommendation of the CCACS. PROJECT Grants are available to non-profit and community groups to encourage new projects or build creatively on previous work. 

SUPPORT Grants have been offered on a twice-annual basis since late 2017. Funding is granted up to $1000 and is awarded directly by the CCACS. SUPPORT Grants are available to non-profit and community groups for a) capital acquisition support, b) general program support, or c) community-based support, as well as to d) individual artists for professional development support. 

Full details of our grants programs, including a list of awards, are available on our website at www.centralcaribooarts.com/grants/

* Please note that this review considers only our arts and culture grants and not the arts and culture Fee-for-Service program also managed by the CCACS. 

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* 1. Have you or your organization ever applied for a PROJECT grant?

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* 2. Have you or your organization ever applied for a SUPPORT grant?

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* 3. Have you or your organization been successful in receiving either a PROJECT Grant or SUPPORT Grant?

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* 4. How important is it to you or your organization that each grants program continues?

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PROJECT grants
SUPPORT grants

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* 5. How did you hear about CCACS grants?

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