AMS Food & Drink Survey

* 1. Are you currently enrolled as a student at UBC?

* 5. Please rate the below service features

  5 (Exceeded Expectations) 4 (Above Expectations) 3 (Met Expectations) 2 (Below expectations but generally OK) 1 (Below expectations, 
Customer Service?
Speed of Service?
Quality of Food and / or Drink?
Menu Selection (e.g. general, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc)
Value for money?

* 6. Please share any additional comments on your experience which might help us improve.

* 7. Did you know before today that this outlet is AMS owned and operated? 

* 8. Did you know that proceeds of this outlet go back to fund services such as AMS clubs, SASC, Safewalk, etc?

* 9. Did you know that you can pre-order and pre-pay in most AMS outlets using  the online platform X-Dine?

* 10. Did you know that AMS has a loyalty program called RTown?

* 12. Please provide your contact information.

100% of survey complete.