* 1. What do you look for in public bicycle parking? (Outside and inside)

* 2. On a scale of 1-10 how difficult is it to lock up your bike in public? (1 being hard and 10 being easy)

* 3. What type of lock do you use to lock up your bike in public?

* 4. Where do you park your bike? (When your at Work, a Restaurant, a friends house, etc.)

* 5. Have you ever had your bike or anything on it stolen? Where was it parked?

* 6. Would you feel comfortable locking your bike up outside overnight?

* 7. How do you carry your bike lock?

* 8. Do you usually ride in a group? If so how big of a group?

* 9. Does a difficulty in locking up your bike affect your desire to ride? If so describe the problem.

* 10. What would you like to see when it comes to public bike storage?

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