Introduction and background information

The strategy is to cover an age range starting with mothers’ physical and mental health in pregnancy and the implications for child health. It will extend to age 19, looking beyond this where this is important in supporting a good transition to adult life

Forum members have been divided into:
1.public health promotion and prevention. (split into pregnancy - 5, 5 – 19).
2.the acutely ill child
3.long term conditions, disability/complex needs, palliative care
4.mental health

and we have been asked to cover
-Health promotion and improvement
-Primary care
-Children with poor mental health
-Urgent care for children with acute illness
-Children with long term conditions
-Children with complex health needs
-Children with disabilities
-Looked after children
-Palliative care
-Ensuring the use of medicines for children optimises health outcomes
-The health sectors contribution to safeguarding children
-The health sector’s contribution to support for troubled families

One of the first tasks we have been asked to do it to think about measurable outcome indicators . They have to be focused on the needs of the children and young people as well as taking their families into account.

* 1. What happens now ? ( doing our best )