Greetings Fellow Jingers,

Thank you for all the great feedback you have been providing. We certainly hear a lot of you asking to edit your Jing videos. Today, I'd like to better understand that need, how you best envision doing so and how that relates to "quick and simple sharing".

I promise the survey will be quick and painless :-) Thank you Jing Fans.

Tony Dunckel
Product Manager, The Jing Project

1. What type of media do you create most often with Jing?

2. For those times you do create videos, please estimate how long your typical Jing video lasts.

3. How often do you find yourself needing to edit your Jing videos?

4. Understanding more features = more complexity, what type of editing seems most important to you as it relates to Jing?

(You may choose up to 3)

5. Given the need to edit, where would you rather edit your Jing videos?

6. If you were to be able to edit Jing videos in a 3rd party video editor, how important is it to be able to "share" using Jing when your editing is complete?

Thanks for sharing. Your feedback is crucial and very much appreciated.