This is an incredibly basic survey where I'd like to find out whether link builders are being paid at a better rate for doing better quality work.

Over the last 12/18 months we have seen the number of viable link techniques plummet. This has resulted in a lot of companies and consultants using a content led approach to gain those elusive 'quality' links.

There is no doubting that link building via guest posts etc takes a lot more skill, experience and patience than submitting to directories, social bookmarking or forum commenting but has this been reflected in your salary?

*Yes I'm sure this can be ripped apart from a data point of view. This is something that I'm quite interested in so any advice on questions etc would be appreciated :)

* 1. As a link builder do you feel that your job has become more difficult over the last 12/18 months?

* 2. Do you feel that this has been reflected in your current salary?

* 3. Have you had an increase in your salary over the last 12/18 months? If so, approximately by how much?

* 4. Do you feel that this increase in salary represents your skillset or worth to your employer?

* 5. Have you received training from your employer to do this content led approach?

* 6. What do you enjoy about your current role?

* 7. What is frustrating about your current role?

* 8. Have you done any of the following over the last 6 months?