First English Lutheran Church

Thank you for visiting First English Lutheran Church.  Please let us know what you saw, what you heard and what you experienced by answering the following questions.  Your honesty will be greatly appreciated and will help us improve guests' experience!

* 1. At which location did you attend worship?

* 2. Were you greeted in a friendly manner?

* 3. Do you feel our church welcomes all types of people?

* 4. Did the sermon give you insights into your thoughts or behaviors?

* 5. How did you feel about the music? 

* 6. Are you aware of the mission of our church?

* 7. Were you able to follow along with the service?

* 8. Did you find our children's nursery clean?

* 9. Did you find our church clean and orderly?

* 10. Did you talk to any of the Pastors?

* 11. Were you asked to sign our guest registry?

* 12. Were you approached by our Welcome Host?

* 13. Would someone on the street know when our church services are?

* 14. Please share any other observations about what you saw, heard, or experienced that might be helpful as we work to improve the experience of our guests.

Thank you for being our guest! We welcome you back anytime!