Welcome to the mail.com user survey. We highly value the experience of our users and appreciate any feedback on how we can improve mail.com. Your responses will help us to optimize the website.

How do you experience the mail.com website?

  strongly disagree disagree agree strongly agree
I like to use this website regularly
I find mail.com easy to use
I think that the website is satisfying to use
I think that most people could learn to use this website very quickly

How often do you read news on mail.com?

How do you experience the content on the website?

  strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree
I like the way the content is presented
I think mail.com has a good balance between national and international news
I like to use the tools and services integrated into the website
I would like to be able to read articles on mobile devices

On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend mail.com as a daily news site?
(0 = not at all likely, 10 = extremely likely)

Which improvements to the news pages would you like to see on mail.com?