* 1. What do you think New Beginnings does really well?

* 2. Are there things that New Beginnings doesn't do well?

* 3. Is there anything that the staff at New Beginnings should do differently?

* 4. What is the most valuable knowledge/skill your child has acquired from his or her time at New Beginnings?

* 5. Has your child learned about using computers and other technology?

* 6. How do you think learning about computers helps your child?

* 7. The Transition Program helps students learn about the types of careers open to them after school and provides them with valuable job-related skills. Is your child involved in the New Beginnings Transition Program?

* 8. What do you think about the New Beginnings Transition Program?

* 9. Would you like more information about the New Beginnings Transition Program?

* 10. New Beginnings provides students with a variety of activities when they are in school; student art shows, volunteer program, girls club, spirit week and others. Do you think these programs are valuable?

* 11. What do you think of the staff at New Beginnings?

  Disagree Somewhat disagree Neutral Somewhat agree Agree
They care about my child
They are good educators
They are personally invested in my child's education
They make an effort to build a relationship with my child
They understand my child's needs
They are responsive to my questions or concerns about my child's learning or behavior

* 12. The New Beginnings staff does a good job of communicating with me and my family.

* 13. How could New Beginnings improve its communication with you?

* 14. Based on your child’s experience, what do you think about the education students receive at New Beginnings?

* 15. What does your child like best about New Beginnings?

* 16. What can the staff at New Beginnings do better to serve your child?

* 17. It is easy for me to get involved in my child's education at New Beginnings.

* 18. The New Beginnings staff is helping my child prepare for life after school:

* 19. What else would you like to tell us about your New Beginnings experiences?