Riverside’s 25 Most Remarkable Teens is an annual event organized by the Riverside Youth Council.  Awards are given by the Youth, Mayor, and City Council to celebrate high school students’ various accomplishments.

To be nominated, a teen may excel in one or a combination of these areas:  academics, visual & performing arts, athletics, community involvement, leadership, courage to overcome, or any other remarkable act.  Nominees MUST be in grades 8 to 12 and LIVE in the city of Riverside.  If you have any questions, please contact Officer Christi Arnold at

Nomination form must be received by Monday, January 22, 2018.

* 1. Nominee's Name?

* 2. Nominee's Age?

* 3. Nominee's School?

* 4. Nominee's Home Address?

* 5. Nominee's Phone Number?

* 6. Nominee's Email Address?

* 7. The student must excel in one of these areas, please select the area that exhibits his or her greatest strength.

* 8. Student's GPA (only if Academics checked above)

* 9. Nominator's Name?

* 10. Nominator's Title?

* 11. Nominator's Contact Number?

* 12. Nominator's Affiliation or Organzation?

* 13. Nominator's Mailing Address?

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* 15. Please describe the nominee’s contributions, accomplishments, and specific talents. What sets them apart from other students in the chosen category/categories? (Please limit your response to appx. 350 words.)

* 16. Please provide a specific example of the student displaying initiative. (Please limit your response to appx. 250 words.)

* 17. What is your own personal experience with this nominee? Please explain. (Please limit your response to appx. 250 words.)

* 18. What is the nominee's strongest quality? (Please limit your response to appx. 250 words.)

* 19. Please list any additional information about the youth that would help in them being selected as a remarkable teen. (Please limit your response to appx. 350 words.)

* 20. Below is a sample bio from one of last year's winners. These are used for publicity purposes should the nominee be selected. Please submit your recommendation for a bio on this student (note that we have limited the submission to 200 words).  

Sample Bio:
A senior at Ramona High School, Alexis Veliz has left her mark in her community. As a successful performer and dancer, Alexis has been a Magnet Arts member at Ramona and currently serves as the vice president
of Ramona’s Creative and Performing Arts Council. She also spent four years in the AVID program at her school. Alexis created the Help the Homeless Club at her school. In the club’s short existence, she led efforts to donate toys for children, raised money to buy a Christmas tree for the homeless shelter, and has organized numerous food and clothing drives. Additionally, Alexis has witnessed the unsafe quality of water found in many water fountains at various high schools. Alexis was part of a team that flew to Sacramento to advocate for clean, safe, fresh drinking water for students in public high schools across California. She met with state politicians to advocate for an amendment to Senate Bill 1413, calling for the need to provide good and safe drinking options for every California student. After high school, Alexis hopes to build on her efforts with a degree in either psychology or business and eventually serve as a member of a non-profit organization.