* 1. Interest payments up to 150,000 rupees on home loans are exempt from tax. Do you think this should be raised?

* 2. Currently, annual income up to 200,000 rupees is exempt from tax. Should this limit be raised?

* 3. Tax exemption under section 80C (for products such as insurance, PPF) is capped at 100,000 rupees. Do you think this should be changed?

* 4. India roughly spends about 2.5 percent of its GDP on subsidies -- mainly fuel, food and fertiliser. What should be the strategy to fight India’s deficit woes?

* 5. India’s defence budget is pegged at 1.93 trillion rupees (2012-13). What should be the finance minister’s outlook for the defence sector?

* 6. . The 2012-13 health sector outlay was 344.88 billion rupees, but the public health system in India is still substandard. What should the finance minister do to boost the ailing sector?

* 7. Currently, income tax brackets are pegged at 10 percent, 20 percent and 30 percent. The finance minister’s comments last month have fuelled speculation over whether the rich would be taxed more. Which income bracket should define the super rich?

* 8. According to you, which of the following is routinely ignored in the national budget?

* 9. With elections a year away, do you think Chidambaram will be able to deliver a budget that will please voters, boost growth and control deficits?

* 10. What are your overall expectations from Budget 2013. Share your views below:

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