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Dear Member of Congress:

We are academic workers at the University of Washington, speaking out in strong opposition to the GOP Tax Plan that, if passed, could significantly disrupt academic research in the U.S. by taxing tuition waivers.

Thousands of us have already spoken out about the core principles we will adopt to evaluate any budget and policy proposals, including:
  • Defend science, arts, and humanities and the value of academic research
  • Expand the rights of immigrants and visa holders
  • Promote equity and actively fight oppression ┬áin research and academia
  • Promote public health and recognize health care as a fundamental human right
The GOP Tax Bill fails to advance these principles in many respects: not only by reducing tuition waivers but also by making graduate education less accessible to low- and middle-income students. We believe higher education is a public good that is fundamentally by and for the community it serves, and should be accessible to all. This tax plan erodes those values and puts forward a vision of higher education that is only available to the super rich.

Please take an action necessary to ensure that this proposal and others like it do not advance in Congress.

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