Dear Colleagues,
As part of its work on marketing and fund raising for Crossroads, the Crossroads Board is talking about the message, brand, and image that our antiracism organization has. We are writing in hopes that you will take a few moments to respond to three questions that will help us hone our brand and image.

* 1. First, when you hear or see the name Crossroads what images come to your mind and what associations do you make with the name?

* 2. Second, if you are talking with another person about Crossroads what phrases do you use to talk about the organization and its work?

* 3. Third, what is unique about the antiracism work that Crossroads does?

* 4. Any other general comments you would like to pass along to Crossroads leaders?

* 5. You may submit your answers anonymously, or, if you wish, tell us your name and contact information in case we have further questions about your input. If you wish to include this information, please enter it here:

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey. We really value your input.
~Crossroads Board Leadership