1. Your responses are deeply appreciated. Your answers are confidential & may help future PCVs.

First Response Action is a mission to support Peace Corps Volunteers who are survivors of sexual abuse through training, medical care, emotional support and policy reform. For more information about First Response Action or how you can help, please email firstresponseaction@gmail.com

* 1. Demographic background information:

* 2. Was sexual assault addressed at your training? Yes/No? If so, WHO discussed it?

* 3. Please answer the following questions about what was included in your training on sexual assault and rape. (Areas of discussion are separated into groups A, B, C, D, E, F)

* 4. Does your Volunteer Handbook include a Survivor Bill of Rights? (Or protocol/procedure as to what happens when a Volunteer is sexually assaulted or raped?)

* 5. How did you FEEL about your training on sexual assault/rape? (Areas of discussion are separated into groups A, B, C)

* 6. What (according to your training) would be Peace Corp’s response (i.e. safety planning at site,
administrative, medical, etc.) to a PCV who reported an assault or rape? [Please include immediate & long term]

* 7. Was ‘cultural integration’ presented as a prevention technique? What other techniques/education were given?

* 8. Were you given information on how these issues are dealt with LEGALLY? If yes, what information were you given, including processes in-country and also through Peace Corps?

* 9. Please indicate if the following services are available to you in your host country:

* 10. Is there any other information that you think is valuable to share regarding making sexual assault training better for future PCTs?