* 5. Please indicate how much you agree/disagree with the following statements:

  Very much disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Very much agree did not attend
The activities were easy to find
I enjoyed talking to the astronomers present at the Open Night
I enjoyed the stargazing through the various telescopes
I enjoyed the children's activities
I enjoyed the pulsar demo
I enjoyed the radio demo
I enjoyed the concert
I enjoyed the public talks
I overall enjoyed my visit to the Open Night
I would visit an Open Night or similar activity again in future

* 6. Which activity at the Open Night was your favourite, and why?

* 7. Which at activity at the Open Night was your least favourite, and why?

* 8. What suggestions do you have for us to improve the Open Nights in future?

* 9. Do you have any final comments, feedback, suggestions?

* 10. Please leave your e-mail address if you want to be considered for the prize draw of an astronomy photo book. We will not use or share your contact details for any other purposes. Thank you for filling out our questionnaire!