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100% of survey complete.

* 1. About how many times have you attended the Over the Water Hurdy Gurdy Festival (http://www.overthewater.org/festival/08_general.html)?

* 2. If you have not attended the festival or missed a year, please indicate the reasons you did not attended by indicating if you agree or disagree with each statement:

  agree agree somewhat neutral disagree somewhat disagree
Can’t afford it
Cost too much for what you get
Not a good time for me (mid to late September)
Class topics don’t interest me
Not enough variety of classes
I am not interested in the instructors
There’s not enough advanced topics
I don’t know how to play well enough
The festival is too long
The festival is too short
There’s just too much going on and I can’t make time for it

* 3. If you have attended the festival multiple times, do you try to attend:

* 4. How important is the environment to the festival?

* 5. How important is it that the festival registration cost continues to include tuition for classes, room and board, even if the festival was moved to an urban setting?

* 6. Are you planning to come to the festival this year? (Which of the following best describes your current intention?)

* 7. What’s the reason you might not come this year?

* 8. Which topics/classes are the most important to you?

  Very important Somewhat important Neutral Not that important Not interested
Set up and Maintenance
French Tradition
Beginner topics
Advanced topics
Group Jams
Medieval & Renaissance
Something new and different

* 9. The following information is optional.

* 10. I would like to continue to receive information from Over the Water Hurdy Gurdy Association.