Thank you so much for participating in the GEN AG 2017 Career Exploration Program! This was a pilot program, so we value your feedback in order for us to determine how to improve this program to ensure that it meets the needs of teachers and students. We appreciate your honest and frank feedback. This survey should take approximately 10-15 minutest to fill out.

* 1. Name

* 2. School

* 3. Overall, what did you think of the Gen AG 2017 program?

* 4. In small groups, students were asked to develop an idea to market careers in ag to their peers, then implement their idea and document its success by submitting a written explanation as well as a portfolio. What were the best elements of the program?

* 5. What are your suggestions for improvement?

* 6. How engaged were the majority of your students in the GEN AG 2017 program?

* 7. Did you incorporate your students' GEN AG 2017 work into your evaluation plan? In other words, did you evaluate your students while they participated in Gen AG 2017?

* 8. In your opinion, how successful was GEN AG 2017 in expanding your students' awareness of career opportunities in the agriculture sector?

* 9. How important for the program is an agriculture tour or guest speaker?

  Did not have Not necessary      Somewhat valuable     Very valuable    
Agriculture Tour
Guest Speaker

* 10. In the Teacher Information booklet, a minimum of 7 class periods was recommended for delivering the program. How many class periods would you recommend? Please explain.

* 11. Please evaluate the GEN AG website in the following areas:

  Poor Okay Good Excellent
Ease of use
Content for teachers
Content for students
Ease of uploading portfolios

* 12. Please evaluate the Introductory Slideshow Presentation:

* 13. Please evaluate the Case Study:

* 14. Please evaluate the Teacher Information document:

* 15. Please evaluate the Student Workbook:

* 16. Did your students use the results from the Pre-GEN AG Student Survey in their project planning:

* 17. Please evaluate the Success Story Portfolio concept:

* 18. Please provide additional comments about the Success Story Portfolio concept. What worked well? What could be improved?

* 19. Please provide comments about the requirement for a 500-word written explanation (e.g. length, value to students, student engagement in this component, etc.).

* 20. Did you like having external judging of the portfolios?

* 21. Each student group received a $100 budget to spend on development and/or implementation of their marketing idea. Did your students use their budget money?

* 22. Was this an appropriately sized budget for your students' purposes?

* 23. Is it important for your students to have a budget to work with?

* 24. Please evaluate the Success Story Portfolio Rubric:

* 25. Please evaluate the Presentation Rubric:

* 26. Please evaluate the Ag Career Websites and Videos that were available on the GEN AG website:

* 27. Would you participate in GEN AG again?

* 28. Would you recommend GEN AG to your colleagues?

* 29. Which province do you teach in?