Thank you for your interest in becoming a HEARTspeak Facilitator with Full Circle Strategies. To find out more about Full Circle Strategies, visit our website. Please view the HEARTspeak Facilitator job description and timeline below, click here to view a sample client training schedule, then complete the following application to help us get to know you. 
Job Brief
HEARTspeak© Facilitators with Full Circle Strategies are responsible for implementing the HEARTspeak© Training Program through our partnerships with organizational clients. A HEARTspeak facilitator should embrace anti-racist values and effectively model anti-racist practices. To be successful in this role, facilitators should be familiar with various educational techniques, interpersonal skills, social justice and anti-oppression initiatives. Ultimately, facilitators work in pairs to ensure the organizational engagement with Full Circle Strategies creates pathways for our clients foster anti-racist practices and develop equity skills designed to build connections within their organization. The HEARTspeak© Facilitator position is a contract position. Terms of work, needs, and hours required per month are subject to change based on the needs of our partnerships with organizational clients.

●      Being Trained in Undoing Racism and HEARTspeak© Curricula
●      Facilitating Training Sessions based on the HEARTspeak© Curricula
●      Facilitating Skill Building Sessions to Encourage Processing and Engagement Among Clients
●      Communicating with Client Groups
●      Planning with Co-Facilitator
●      Engaging in Facilitator Debriefs
●      Completing Training Updates to Stay Informed of Best Practices
●      Engaging in Anti-racist Practices in Personal and Professional Interactions

Ideal Candidate Requirements

●      Previous experience as a Training Facilitator or similar role
●      Understanding of racial equity practices and a commitment to social justice
●      Knowledge of traditional and modern educational techniques
●      Ability to complete full training cycle (assess needs, plan, develop, coordinate, monitor and evaluate)
●      Excellent communication and organizational skills
●      Masters degree in Education, Social Work, Counseling, Human Resources Management, Organizational Psychology, or relevant field
●      Schedule flexibility
●      Hands-on experience with Learning Management Software (LMS)

Process Requirements
New HEARTspeak facilitators begin as “facilitators-in-training” until they have successfully completed the following:
1.    Undoing Racism Training
2.    HEARTspeak Orientation and Facilitator Training
3.    Co-facilitation of a full training cycle of the HEARTspeak Curricula

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