Welcome to Lake Providence's Community and Business Survey!

Lake Providence is participating in the Louisiana Development Ready Communities Program. The first step in the process is to complete a comprehensive community assessment that we can later use for strategic planning. Your input about living and/or operating a business in Lake Providence is an important part of the planning process that we greatly appreciate.

Please select the answer that best reflects your opinion of the listed characteristics of your community. There are four answer options (strength, neutral, weakness and N/A) and a comment section for each category. Choose "strength" if you think this characteristic makes your community a high-quality place to live or conduct business. Choose "neutral" if you think this characteristic is neither a strength nor a weakness or if you think it could be better with some attention. Choose "weakness" if you think the characteristic negatively impacts the competitiveness of your community. Choose N/A if you do not know or if you do not have an opinion.

If you would like to become further involved in the LDRC Program there is a place for you to add your name and address information at the end of the survey .