The Creative Spaces Mentoring Network is a mentoring program for arts and cultural leaders focused on strengthening the business and management skills needed to lead, renew and develop creative spaces.

Through the Creative Spaces Mentoring Network, leaders in Ontario’s arts community who are responsible for their creative space(s) will have access to one-to-one learning with an experienced professional who can provide knowledge and expertise related to their projects. This program will be a virtual experience.

Applications are due Friday, December 15th, 2023 at 11:59pm EST.

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* 1. Applicant contact information

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* 2. What are your preferred pronouns?

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* 3. Organization website 

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* 4. Please share a brief summary of your personal work history and experience.

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* 5. Please share a brief description of your organization and its creative spaces and/or creative space projects. Include major achievements or challenges, as relevant to your mentorship.

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* 6. What goals are you looking to reach through mentoring, and how will mentoring assist you and your organization in addressing current issues around your creative space and/or creative space project, as described above?

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* 7. What skills would you like to improve and develop through mentoring that match your goals above? Please be as specific as possible.

Below are some examples of skills to assist with identification. Identify 1 - 3 skills that you wish to develop through this mentorship.

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* 8. If you have a Mentor in mind for the program, please provide their name and information below.

Please note:  We are happy to contact a suggested Mentor made by an applicant. Please keep in mind that the program does have certain requirements for participating mentors and we cannot guarantee that your recommendation will be the final choice.

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* 9. If you did not answer Question 7, please skip this question. 

If you have listed a Mentor above, please indicate if you have contacted this individual to be your Mentor and how you would benefit from their partnership.

Along with submitting this application form, please provide the following support information:

A brief (1-2 minute) video of yourself telling us:
1. Who you are
2. About your organization and building project
3. How you would benefit from this opportunity

You can record your video using a smartphone or web camera, and upload via YouTube (privately), Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Please send a link via email to the video hosted on your platform of choice.

Letter of Support
A support letter from a credible reference in your community, your board or organization.
Please send your video and support letter to

There is a fee of $175 + HST to the Mentee to participate in the Creative Spaces Mentoring Network 2024-25 program. You are not required to make this payment until you have been matched with a Mentor.