Use this online form to register Commencement guests for Special Needs Seating and/or Drop-Off Passes

Guests and graduates can only submit ONE request for a Drop-Off Pass and/or Special Needs Seating. This form can accommodate requests for one or both Commencements. Any change to requests must be submitted via email to call 610-499-4402

To accommodate a request, we need three pieces of information:

1. The Commencement event(s) you will be attending;
2. A contact person for this request;
3. Your need for either a Drop-Off Pass ONLY, or a Drop-off Pass and Special Needs Seating Tickets

Contact Person
The "Contact Person" you list should be the person who will assume primary responsibility for obtaining and holding the Drop Off Pass and/or Special Needs Seating tickets on the specified Commencement Day(s). This will be the person we contact for replies or questions.

Drop-Off Pass ONLY:
Widener University will make available a "Drop-Off Pass ONLY" to unload and load guests who are confined to wheelchairs or who have physical/medical conditions that prevent them from walking distances. These guests will sit in general seating. Only ONE Drop-Off pass is available per graduate, regardless of the number of a graduate's guests. A pass allows one carload to be dropped off.

Special Needs Seating:
Special Needs Seating is available for guests who need close proximity to accessible restrooms and drop off area. Guests requesting Special Needs Seating will automatically receive a Drop-Off Pass.

*Special Needs Seating is NOT closer to the commencement platform than general seating.*

Due to limited space, we will only be able to accommodate a maximum of FOUR guests per graduate in the Special Needs Seating area. Others in the party must sit in the general audience.

If you have any questions regarding Drop-Off Passes and/or Special Needs Seating, please contact the Student Affairs Office via email to  

Please Note: both Drop-off and Special Needs Seating passes will be granted. If there is a problem with your request we will contact you.

No requests will be taken after 12:00 pm the Thursday before commencement (Thursday, May 18, 2017).