At Black River, our goal is to provide our students with an excellent education while being fiscally responsible and transparent. In 2019, the district will be able to pay off the bond for the Black River Education Center. The bond currently generates approximately $313,000 per year in order to pay for the building.

To maintain fiscal stability, the district would like to find a way to maintain generating these funds and use them for operating expenses or facility maintenance and improvements without increasing taxes. This could potentially take the form of an operating levy or a permanent improvement (PI) levy.

An operating levy is used to operate the district, including supplies, repairs, salaries, equipment and other day-to-day operations. A permanent improvement levy is used for the installation of items that have a lifespan of at least 5-7 years, including buses, windows, roofing, safety equipment and computers. A PI levy CANNOT be used for salaries or wages.

The levy would not cost residents additional tax dollars and would simply replace the funds being generated by the bond, meaning NO tax increase.

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* 1. If Election Day were tomorrow, would you be supportive of a new levy initiative that would help the district maintain financial stability without increasing taxes?

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* 2. Would you be more supportive of an operating levy (used for day-to-day operations) or a permanent improvement levy (used for facility improvements and maintenance)?

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* 3. In a few words of your own, please explain why you would or would not be supportive of a levy that would not increase taxes for our community members while maintaining financial stability.