Thank you for your interest in presenting at ASCP's 2022 Annual Meeting Student Chapter Activity Fair!

You work hard to help your chapter do amazing things. Share your chapter’s story at ASCP's 2021 Annual Meeting & Exhibition with a Student Chapter Activity Poster! It will be held on Saturday November 5, 2022, at 6:15 PM.

Every year, hundreds of students present the work that their chapters have accomplished. Now, it’s your turn. What has your chapter accomplished this year? Show us with a poster! 
  • Expand your network as you present your work to other students and professionals 
  • Gain recognition for your chapter 
  • Enjoy a fun activity as a chapter 
Activity Poster Guidelines: 
  • Posters should be bigger than 22" x 28" poster paper 
  • Include the name of your school and the names of the students representing your chapter at the 2022 Annual Meeting
  • Include what your chapter activity was, how you executed the event, and the results 
  • This is a chance to be creative so go for it! Remember, a picture can be worth 1,000 words 
  • Bring your own push pins to display your poster

Please fill out the following information by 11:59 PM ET October 14, 2022 identifying a representative for the event. We will send all logistic details to this contact. Email Carmen Witsken at with any further questions or concerns.