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Survey Information

Kentucky State University invites you to participate in a research study of the United States shrimp farming industry.  This study is being conducted by Dr. Andrew Ray, Associate Professor of Aquaculture Production, and Dr. Mara Merlino, Professor of Psychology and Sociology, of Kentucky State University (KSU), with funding from the USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, National Animal Health Monitoring System. We ask that you read this information and ask any questions you may have before agreeing to participate in the study.

The purpose of this study is to reach out to industry constituents directly and get their honest opinion on shrimp farming and ways the sector can improve. By connecting with farmers directly, we hope to build a thorough understanding of the industry, and in the end, build a network of communication, which can be used to continuously gather information on the changing challenges and opportunities for U.S. farmers.

The ultimate result of this project will be a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the U.S. shrimp farming industry, what the major issues and restraints are for the industry, and what you, as a shrimp producer, believe to be major areas where research and extension efforts should be focused by entities such as higher education and government agencies. These results will be summarized for APHIS in a series of reports by KSU and will be shared more broadly through conference presentations, extension publications, and peer reviewed manuscripts; however, the identity of participants will never be shared.

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria:  You were selected to be invited to participate in our study because you have been identified as the owner or manager of s U.S.-based shrimp farm, shrimp broodstock producer, shrimp seed stock producer, or are currently building or developing any of these businesses. This includes entities working with marine shrimp, freshwater shrimp, RAS technology, pond technology, or any other U.S. shrimp-producing entity.

Survey Content:  We will be asking for your practices and opinions about a variety of topics, including:
 ·       The characteristics of your operation;
·       Your production systems and rearing practices;
·       How you manage your broodstock and grow-out;
·       Nutrition;
·       Health monitoring, morbidity and mortality, and biosecurity of your animals;
·       Water quality and resource management;
·       Marketing;
·       Perceived constraints along the production continuum, including permitting, growing, harvesting, processing, and marketing;
·       Your information needs, and availability of and access to training and expertise; and
·       Concerns about the future of your business and the shrimp industry.
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