* 1. This survey will help in the planning of a new charter school.
If you would like to participate in a student or parent focus group interview session or in other ways, please email us at NewHawaiiCharterSchool@gmail.com or follow us at HawaiiCharterSchool.blogspot.com

Please start by selecting who you are.

* 2. How interested would you be in attending a free public charter high school that will offer:

  Quite a bit of interest in this type of school. Some interest in this type of school. No interest in this type of school.
A campus in Kealakekua where students may not be required to be present every day but may if they wish.
Flexibility to learn using online classes where and when students want.
A campus where students can get one-on-one help and work with other students in small groups.
A small campus of about 200 students where people know and support each other.
Opportunities to learn based on individual needs, styles, and goals.
The ability for students to move ahead on subjects they understand and get help on ones they don't.
Opportunities to learn from experts and highly qualified, credentialed teachers.
Opportunities to create videos, plays, commercials, ads, scripts, books, and other real things.
Opportunities to perform in song, dance, music, and speaking roles.
Opportunities to earn work-place certificates and complete an internship.
Support and resources for home school families.

* 3. How interested are you in learning about these topics?

  Very interested. Somewhat interested. Not interested at all.
Making videos
Drawing and designing
Computer graphic arts
Playing musical instruments
Designing or operating sound or lighting effects
Creating plays
Performing on stage or video
Helping community causes

* 4. How important is it that your school have these things?

  Extremely important Somewhat important Not important at all
Sports teams.
Lots of students, way over 200.
Lots of my friends.
At least one of my friends.
Lots of different types of programs.
A location close to my home.

* 5. Do you have a reliable Internet connection at home or close by where you can study online?

* 6. What transportation do you currently use to get to school?

* 7. What school do you attend?
If you are a parent or guardian answering this survey for children, select all that apply.

* 8. What grade are you currently in?
If you are a parent completing this survey for more than 1 child, please select all that apply.

* 9. What area do you live in or nearest to?

* 10. Please select all that apply to you as the student (or your children).

All charter schools must ensure that a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) can be provided for all enrolled students with disabilities. Your answer will help the school plan to serve and create avenues of success for all students. Your survey is anonymous and will not affect your potential to be enrolled in the school. Enrollment will be completed by lottery should the school be over capacity.