The following questions are designed to help ADELAIDE BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER, VICTORIA BEREKMERI provide you with care and support along with the most amazing images and documentation of your labour and child’s birth. Please only answer the questions you feel comfortable with and know that whatever you write will be kept confidential and used only for the purposes of assisting you during your sessions together. Your partner is also welcome to help answer any of the questions.

If you have any issues or queries that come up, please contact Victoria on 0400 291 140 or

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* 1. Personal Details

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* 2. For Birth Photography and Hospital Bonding Session Bookings (please only answer relevant questions)

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* 3. For Birth Photography Bookings: Please nominate the particular elements of the labour and birth you would specifically like me to capture?

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* 4. For Birth Photography Bookings: I am particularly sensitive to when it’s appropriate to be in the birthing space and when to step away. Would you like me to leave the room during particular situations or procedures?

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* 5. For Birth Photography Bookings: Considerations

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* 6. For ALL photography sessions: Social Media, Internet & Marketing

I use social media almost daily for my business and I regularly update my website galleries along with posting session previews on my blog. Please let me know your degree of acceptance in allowing me to utilise images from your session for marketing purposes. For any particularly graphic images, specific approvals are always sort from clients before use. It's important to note that some birth images can and have gone viral through social media avenues, generally for positive and empowering reasons. But be aware that the photographer is not liable for where images can end up or how you might feel in these situations.

Please indicate your sharing preferences for different avenues as follows:

  YES, go for it! YES, but only with my specific approval. NO, please keep private.
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Professional Photography Competitions - SA AIPP Awards, Australian Professional Photography Awards, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Awards, LOUPE Awards.

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* 7. For ALL photography sessions: Your Story - Please use these questions to help you share your story.

How did you break the news to your partner that you were expecting a baby?

What feelings have come up during this pregnancy about your baby?

What are you most looking forward to about the arrival of your new baby?

Do you have any specific images you would like to capture, perhaps similar to your previous children's photography?

Are there any goals or details within your birth plan that you would like to share with me? Knowing your plan can assist me in providing consistent support with the others in attendance.

Please share any details about your previous births you feel comfortable to. Labour length and gestational age are sometimes useful to know.

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* 8. Please give an indication of what products and services you anticipate requiring at this point in time. Your response here is in no way binding and is purely to assist in scheduling sessions and provide me with the best opportunity to assist you during our contact.

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* 9. Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this form. I am honoured you have chosen me to support and photograph the birth of your child and I can’t wait to document you and your child's beautiful journey. Victoria xx

Please add any other comments you wish to make here :-)