1. Bayesian keys

We would be grateful for a few minutes of your time to tell us what you think about the iSpot Bayesian keys.

Your feedback will be valuable to us in improving the keys for other users. Your responses will be anonymous.

If you have used more than one of our keys, please answer the following questions for just one of them.

Many thanks for your input.

The iSpot Team

* 1. Which key did you use?

* 2. Did you use location information?

* 3. How easy was the key to use?

  very difficult difficult easy very easy Not used
Picking a character
Choosing the right character state
Seeing a species description
Changing my mind
Displaying a distribution map
Reaching an identification

* 4. For the group in this key, how would you rate your identification skills?

  very weak weak good very good
Your identification skills?

* 5. Do you have experience with keys (for any groups)?

  never once or twice several times many times
Have you used keys before?

* 6. Which other groups would you like to have keys for?

* 7. Overall experience

  strongly disagree disagree agree strongly agree N/A
I found the key useful
I learned to use the key quickly
I understood how the key worked
I found the key easy to use
I was satisfied with using the key
I would recommend this key to others
I prefer this key to a traditional paper key
I prefer this key to other online keys

* 8. Please add any other comments below