The visioning group is working in pursuit of three goals: building on USU Extension’s traditional strengths and relationships; using innovative delivery and reaching new audiences; and making USU Extension a professionally satisfying and personally rewarding work place. With those goals in mind, what is your recommendation to move USU Extension forward?

You may submit multiple recommendations. Please start a new survey for each additional recommendation.

* 1. What is your name? (Optional, but we would prefer the ability to follow up with you with any questions.)

* 2. Are you a USU Extension employee?

* 3. What is your proposal? Please be as specific as possible. Please submit only one recommendation per survey.

* 4. Why is your proposal desirable? What values does it respond to or what needs does it address?

* 5. How is your proposal feasible? What steps would it take to accomplish your idea?

* 6. Any additional comments about your proposal?